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Disrupt, Buidl, Scale.

We are a self-funded, agile team of individuals that aim to create an engaging and valuable suite of tools for the Zilliqa ecosystem. In this quarter, we have developed in-house designed NFTs and participated in a Zilliqa hackathon.

Duck with glasses sitting by a computer

Latest ducks in the pond

There are no ducks yet :(

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Non Fungible Ducks (NFDs)?

8192 Duck NFTs with varying rarity levels. Price starts from 1200 to a maximum of 2877 zil. $DUCK token holders are able to regenerate their NFDs. NFD holders can transfer ownership, share and rename their ducks. Additional features may be added as the project progresses.

What the duck?

As a small team of 5, our initial goal is to release in-house designed NFTs. This will be followed by the launch of a platform through which users can deploy, mint and manage ZRC-1 tokens.


Q2 2021

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Token mint


Pool alerts


NFD Platform

Q3 2021

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Expand Team

Q4 2021

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Limit Orders

Deep Duck Render

Q1 2022

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Project Z (NDA)


$DUCK has a total supply of 420.69, with a circulating supply of 0.

The community wallet holds a majority of the non-circulating supply. The purpose of the community wallet is to actively engage and compensate members of the Zilliqa ecosystem through airdrops, LP rewards and giveaways.

The team collectively holds around 10 $DUCK; the majority of which is pooled. Through successfully executed projects, a percentage of the funds goes towards $DUCK buy back.

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Initial supply

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Max supply

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Circulating supply